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Ready To Ship Lizard Belt: Matte Tan 1.5" width

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Our Ready To Ship belts are trimmed to order and ship in 48 hours or less.

The lizard hide belt collection we offer is a kaleidoscope of color, featuring an impressive array of 29 distinct shades. From the classic sophistication of jet black and grey to the vibrant hues of grass green and navy blue, each belt is a testament to the versatility of lizard leather. The more adventurous can choose from sunburst yellow, fiery red, or royal blue, making a bold fashion statement. For those who prefer understated elegance, there are options like soft pink,  olive, and soft sky blue. Each color is carefully selected to enhance the natural beauty of the lizard hide, ensuring that the intricate scale pattern is not just felt but also visually celebrated. Whether paired with formal attire or casual wear, these belts add a touch of personal expression to any outfit, allowing the wearer to showcase their style with confidence.

Belt Sizing Guide

NOTE: Do not give us your pant size. Belts are generally two inches greater than your pant size. See our Belt Sizing Guide for more detail.

Product Details:

  • Genuine Lizard Ships To Domestic US Address Only
  • Made In The USA
  • Leather Lined Backing With Snaps For Interchange Buckles
  • Accompanied By Our Signature Jacob Hill Belt Bag
  • Scale Pattern May Vary From Photo

Java lizard skin backed by rich supple leather, this luxury belt is perfect to compliment any attire. Java lizard also known as ring lizard has a uniquely textured appearance. These skins get their common name, “ring” for their ring patterns which appear on non-bleached or darkly dyed or painted colors.

Our lizard hides originate in Southeast Asia and are 100% legally captured or farmed following the strict requirements of the Convention of International Treaty of Endangered Species (CITES) permits as well as federal, state and other International laws.

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Ready To Ship Lizard Belt: Matte Tan 1.5" width
Ready To Ship Lizard Belt: Matte Tan 1.5" width
Ready To Ship Lizard Belt: Matte Tan 1.5" width