Determine your strap size, widths:

The first measure to take into account is the width of the strap at the watch.  Warning, never measure your existing strap, it may have shrunk because of heat, humidity or perspiration, and so become too small. You must measure the distance between the lugs of the watch case.

Once these two measures are taken, good news, you have your widths at the watch and at the buckle. For example a 18/16 strap width means that the strap measures 18mm at the watch case (between lugs of the watch) and 16mm width at the buckle.

Determine your strap size, lengths:

You must measure the lengths of the two parts of your watch strap, the tip (with the range of holes to adjust your strap) and the element (where the buckle or clasp is attached).

Then, you have only to ask yourself a simple question : does your watch strap have the correct lengths for your wrist ?

If yes, then you can order the new strap with the same lengths of your used strap.

If no, you need to order a shorter or a longer strap.

If you’re not sure, please check and measure your wrist circumference with a sewing tape measure or a thread, and give us the result if possible in millimeters. We’ll calculate ourselves the appropriate lengths for your watchband

Custom Watch Strap Sizes